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Henderson & Las Vegas Driving School's Goal

Driving School Las Vegas / Henderson nv, behind the wheel instructionsDriver's Education:
Henderson & Las Vegas NV Driving School's objective is to teach behind-the-wheel driving in Las Vegas and Henderson streets in order to help you pass your Nevada DMV driving test  with confidence.
- Refresher courses available.
- Teens welcome!

About Henderson & Las Vegas driving School

We are a driving school located in Henderson , Nevada, servicing Las Vegas Valley, Henderson, and Boulder city. We are fully insured, bonded and licensed with the  DMV State of Nevada. # PRDS000 42919.

Las Vegas & Henderson driving School safety feaure picture

DMV approved cars

Our driving school vehicles are specifically equipped with safety  features allowing instructors to take control in case of an emergency.

Driving School Las Vegas  / Henderson nevada DMV certified classes

DMV certified instructors

We offer DMV-certified driving classes with the conviction that you'll successfully pass your driving test. We emphasize Safety and Awareness along with Vehicle Control in order to build your confidence in driving in all possible conditions.

Las Vegas NV Driving School's DMV-approved instructors are trained professionals.
They will pick you up at the choice of your location and will teach you theory and practice with patience and understanding. They will provide behind-the-wheel instructions with current DMV regulations.

Las Vegas nv Driving School,LOGO.  pass your DMV test with confidence, hendeson and las Vegas nevada
Office: (702-589-7516
cell: (702)556-7938
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No Need To Go Anywhere Else !

driving school in las vegas, henderson nevada. DMV driving classesOur prices are very competitive.

DMV driving test Prep. Pass your  driving license with confidence.
Behind-the-wheel driving experience in real life traffic under any condition, with the guidance of a private DMV certified  instructor.

Build enough confidence and knowledge of signs and safety rules in order to pass your Nevada DMV driving test as soon you are ready.
Night driving ( requested for teenagers) is available at an unbeatable price!


Pass your DMV driving test with confidence

What Happens in Las Vegas...

;After passing your driver's license just remember that ...What happens in Las Vegas does not necessary stay in Las Vegas.
... The road is YOURS !!!!

After getting your driver's license you are free to go wherever you want,..
Just bring the car and instructor back before leaving, please!
Only THEY stay in Las Vegas !

Las Vegas and Henderson driving school car